ESP Dual Coincidence

ESP Dual Coincidence

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You show ten ESP symbols, two sets of five being Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star. One set of five with red backs and the other set of five with blue backs. Both sets are freely shown.

You mix up the blue backs and then thoughtfully choose one and place it in full view, back outwards. A spectator merely thinks of any of the five red backed symbols and this is placed alongside.

The first climax comes when it is seen that both symbols are an exact match.

With this preliminary success you decide to take things a little further and lay out the five red backed symbols face up in a row.

The five blue symbols are now mixed faces down and a spectator decides on the matching of these blue backed symbols with the face up red backed symbols.

Imagine the climax and the sensation this creates when it is seen that all the red backed symbols are an exact match for all the blue backed symbols!

Only ten-laminated ESP symbol cards are used, no extras, no one ahead, no sticky stuff, no sleight of hand is needed. Easy to do!

Comes with ten poker card sized ESP symbol cards, instructions & routine.

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