Three Dicey Diamonds

Three Dicey Diamonds

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Featuring The Amazing SHOWER of DIAMONDS

Diamonds are forever! You show three nicely modelled sparkling diamonds, demonstrating that nothing is concealed in your hand and there are only the three diamonds. (Sorry they are not real.)

The diamonds are placed upon a spectator’s palm while you make your hand into a fist. As you patter two of them are pushed into your fist and the third one is openly dropped into your pocket, “This is for me!” you explain.

You ask, “How many diamonds are in my hand?” No matter what they reply you open your fist and show that all three diamonds are now inside your fist – the third one having magically joined the other two.

You immediately repeat the effect – two diamonds in to your fist and the third one in to your pocket and yet again when your fist is opened all three diamonds are together again.

It is the classic ‘Three-Pellet Trick’ performed with beautiful sparkling (fake) diamonds.

Offering to show the effect one more time – two go into your hand and the third into your pocket – well the audience are in for a terrific and laughter producing surprise as all three diamonds have vanished and in your hand is a measly two pounds coin!

Alternatively the large diamonds can have turned into a shower of mini diamonds for a brilliant finish and in another routine the diamonds change one-by-one into mini diamonds – or do it the opposite way mini diamonds turn into larger diamonds.

Many alternatives are possible with this set.

You will learn this amusing novelty effect in about twenty minutes and it will give both you and your audience loads of magical laughter and fun, we also suggest an alternative finishes to this brilliant trick.

Comes with a set of ‘diamonds’ (approx 1” x .75”) plus mini shower of diamonds & full instructions. Our Exclusive!

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