Cut & Restored Necktie

Cut & Restored Necktie

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Lovers of comedy will lap this up; it’s HILARIOUS in its effect, audience participation and situation.

Using two audience members you comment how men wear their ties these days and as you talk you have the men pull out and display the ties that they are wearing.

Remarking there is a lot of waste material in ties with the lower end being concealed you CUT OFF the end of one of the gentleman’s ties.

Consternation reigns and gives way to frantic laughter as your audience see the victim’s face! Apologetically you now demonstrate how easily the tie cuts and as you do so you CHOP LITTLE PIECES OFF! And even cut off the remainder of the tie as it is of no further use.

A good stooge can obviously play up this part of the trick, and you can leave him standing on one side or send him back into the audience while you proceed with further effects!

Eventually and magically you restore the cut up tie in a flash leaving everyone happy and delighted!

Cut & Restored Necktie is an easy to do comedy routine that brings the house down while being almost self-working.

BONUS: Also explained in this booklet is another classic comedy stunt in which you remove a spectator’s shirt from under his jacket to the delight of your audience.

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