Lady Thriller

Lady Thriller

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Getting away from the usual playing card tricks you place a small prediction envelope in full view, explaining that this holds an “ultra sensitive plaque” which can capture and picture “a human thought!”

Next you show six famous paintings of various ladies and allow a spectator to shuffle them and choose any one purely by chance without allowing you to see it, they then concentrate on their chosen lady.

You instruct the spectator to make a few movements over the envelope containing the sensitive plaque, mentally drawing their chosen painting.

Unfortunately when the “ultra thought plaque” is shown, it proves to be rather primitive, and while it does have certain characteristics of the chosen lady; it could easily represent ANY one of the six involved!

Fortunately you have prepared yourself for such an unforeseen event by correctly predicting the spectator’s choice of the famous lady, bringing the effect to an unexpected climax!

This is an ideal comedy item that is such a nice change from the usual run-of-the-mill style of close-up mysteries, and the climax is most unexpected. It is NOT a multi-out effect but you can change the results for repeat performances. It is also very easy to do!

Comes complete with six laminated picture cards of famous paintings (approx 2.5” x 3.5”), the Ultra Sensitive Plaque prediction & instructions.

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