Dynamic Book Test

Dynamic Book Test

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Possibly the easiest & most dynamic Book Test ever! Suggested to me by Volta, this has become one of my favourite Book Tests, it is easy to do, fast, reliable, natural & clean in execution. I predict it will become one of your favourites also!

Perhaps you have been performing a few cards tricks and you take out of your deck a prominent playing card such as a Joker, or possibly an Ace or a picture card, lay it face up on a table and then turn the deck face down.

A spectator now pushes the card face up into the face down deck and the two cards between it are removed, let’s say these are the Six of Clubs and the Four of Hearts forming the number 64.

ANY book is now used, be it a dictionary, novel or telephone book and the spectator turns to the chosen page in the volume. Adding the two page digits together gives the number 10 (6 + 4 = 10) and they look at the tenth line down and concentrate on it.

Slowly, as if reading their mind, you are able to reveal that exact line of print in the book word by word!

This splendid trick is presented exactly as above and you have a stunning effect that is a real showstopper. The result is always different at each performance. No skill required save that of presentation.

Comes with a certain something that makes it possible and instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards and any borrowed book.

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