Bicycle Peek Deck

Bicycle Peek Deck

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You won’t find these marvellous cards on our website very often as they are too time-consuming to make, we have a small number now available on a first come-first served basis.

Possibly one of the best trick decks ever. In the presentation the playing cards are displayed to be all different, shuffled (overhand or riffle) and cut to the spectator’s heart’s content.

Have a spectator simply peek at a card in the pack while the back of the deck is turned to you and you can instantly name that card! This can be done any number of times.

No tricky handling of the cards. Everything is done in the fairest manner possible; the full pack of 52 cards is used.

In an alternative routine, any number of spectators from one to ten can each peek at a card, which you then instantly name but then, believe it or not, when the deck is checked all the peeped-at cards are missing! The sky really is the limit in regards to the effects with this awesome pack.

Comes with a special, quality Bicycle Poker deck & instructions

Only £12.50

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