Max Andrews' Eggs-Amined Egg Bag - Net Corner

Max Andrews' Eggs-Amined Egg Bag - Net Corner

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The BEST BAG of them all!

Many magicians thought they knew all there was to know about the classic Egg Bag, but on seeing Max Andrews’ Eggs-Amined Egg Bag demonstrated, have bought it on sight.

Such exclamations as, “Very clever”, “That’s great - I’ll have that!” are typical & we often sell two or three at one showing. “This really is the finest Egg Bag EVER! I’ve used it for sixty-seven years.” Eddie Burke.

The advantages are as follows:

1. The ACTUAL BAG used can be passed out for examination before your act – if you wish.
2. The Bag can be turned inside out at any time during the working and shown both sides quite flat within 12 inches of a spectator’s face with no sign of any concealed pockets or similar.
3. Has a great advantage when working for children for many of them know the old standard type of bag and will challenge you. With the Eggs-Amined Egg Bag you need have no fear.
4. Use your own routine if you wish. Working is similar to the usual method and the egg never leaves the bag. No palming.
5. Professional size approx 9" x 9" made of good quality cloth.
6. The net corner allows spectators to see the egg appear at the actual word of command. This leaves a very strong impression! Obviously the egg doesn’t come down your sleeves for these are pulled up.
7. A child can make a clucking noise and suddenly an egg appears in the net corner of the Bag. The egg is removed and then mysteriously vanishes only to reappear back again when the child clucks. Ideal for the under the arm gag as per Tommy Cooper.

Perfect for the multiplying eggs that just keep coming and coming.

Comes with black cloth Egg Bag with net corner (approx 9" x (9", 23cm x 23cm) instructions & comedy explanations. Use your own real or artificial egg.

Limited supply available.

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