Mental Chips

Mental Chips

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The most versatile Mental trick EVER! Ideal for close-up, cabaret and stage, the following effect is just one of twelve terrific tricks that we describe in our instructions.

Whilst your back is turned a spectator lays out five different coloured poker chips and then mentally (nothing written down & no force) THINKS of one of the colours and doesn’t name it until the very end of the performance.

Still with your back turned and no peeping, you give the spectator a few instructions to eliminate four of the chips and leave just one. Incredibly it is their freely chosen colour that remains either in view on the table or concealed in their hand!

You can immediately repeat it if you wish.

Remember this is only ONE of the effects possible; we also include instructions for:
•Think a Drink, Five-Card Trick, Psychoanalysis, Murder Weapons, Chocoholic, Odd Coin Out, Watch the Watch, Dead Name Test, Mental Objects, Find the Lady, The Usual Suspects, and ESP - a total of TWELVE stunning effects & routines.
•Most of the tricks explained could be performed over the telephone, radio or television.
•No memory work is required & no forcing. Everything is above board and yet very easy to do.
•This is no pipe dream; once you know the clever method you will use it again and again.

Comes with five different coloured poker chips, carrying bag & instructions for 12 brilliant routines.

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