ESP Remote Viewing

ESP Remote Viewing

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With a superb extra idea by Maurice Fogel - Sensational Mentalism at its very best! Five volunteers test their psychic abilities with amazing results, in this masterful ESP presentation!

Five different Jumbo ESP or Zenner symbol cards are shown. These are completely unfaked and can be passed for examination. Each card is then sealed into a large envelope. Any spectator now mixes the envelopes together, so that no one knows which one contains which ESP symbol or design.

Any five volunteers from your audience now test their psychic abilities and try to guess which envelope they feel contains specified symbols. As they guess, you write the spectator’s initials on the outside of their envelope. A sixth spectator also records their selected symbol next to their initials on a blackboard or large artist’s pad or piece of cardboard.

Each envelope is now opened and the sixth spectator reads the initials & ‘target symbol’ next to them, off the list. The results prove to be absolutely sensational! In each and every case, all five participants have correctly divined their correct ESP symbol!

What a wonderful and truly unusual psychic demonstration. Perfect for cabaret, clubs, theatres, psychic parties,
psychic fayres, lectures and demonstrations. Ideal as a warm-up test for hypnotic shows!

Only five unprepared giant ESP cards are used, together with five large envelopes plus a pad or slate to record the spectators’ selections upon. Truly a MUST effect for the professional mentalist!

Comes complete with ESP cards, envelopes full instructions and the knockout routine!

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