Psycho Graph

Psycho Graph

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The ULTIMATE one-man mindreading system! Without question a performer’s seeming ability to read minds and to tell intimate things concerning the lives of members of the audience is the ULTIMATE psychic experience.

Ordinary slips of paper are passed out to your audience, onto which the spectators are asked to write any question and sign their name. The questions are now folded into quarters and collected in any unfaked container like a gift bag, which is left in full view.

With the written questions thus implanted on their subconscious minds you reach into the gift bag and remove just one folded paper and without opening it, you correctly locate the person to whom it belongs calling them by name and then immediately start to reveal their secret thoughts and answer their question to everyone’s complete astonishment!

Next you open the paper and give a quick analysis of their handwriting, immediately passing the written question and your analysis to the spectator concerned. You then continue in this manner until all the questions have been correctly answered.

Nothing is forced, no impression methods, chemicals, electronic devices, stooges or similar means are used. Everything appears to be perfectly natural and 100% examinable.

A compelling presentation & the complete answer to the one-man mentalism act!

Comes with the certain something that makes it possible, a sample Graphology tick sheet that you can copy as a giveaway & instructions.

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