Impromptu Three-Way Prediction

Impromptu Three-Way Prediction

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Borrow a pack of playing cards and have them shuffled and cut by your spectator and write a prediction on the back of your business card leaving it in full view, then turn your back or don a genuine blindfold.

Your spectators now deal three piles of cards quietly behind your back and then isolate just one pile. You have no idea how many cards are in these piles.

A spectator is now allowed to announce any number between one and nine – let’s say they choose the number four. Still with your back turned you instruct the spectator to add or subtract cards to and from the isolated pile. In the process some of the cards are dropped into the spectator’s pocket and it is clear you cannot possibly know how many.

1.A spectator now counts the cards in the isolated pile and this proves to have exactly the number of cards that was earlier chosen, in this example four cards.
2.You correctly name the number of cards hidden in the spectator’s pocket.
3.Your prediction is read out loud for all to hear and exactly predicts the final card in the isolated packet!

Everything can be left with your audience as nothing is faked in any way and a borrowed deck can be used.

No difficult calculations are necessary and it is almost self-working. Instead of playing cards you can use coins, banknotes, Tarot cards, matches, cigarettes, counters etc. (and leave the card prediction out of the routine) and it can even be performed over the telephone.

This clever secret is a real stunner you can perform anywhere – anytime. No skill save that of presentation is required

Comes with our 4-page booklet explaining all.

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