Five Cards Mystery

Five Cards Mystery

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You show your hand of five poker sized Bicycle playing cards that you received in a game last night, calling them your lucky hand or unlucky hand if you prefer!

The five cards are mixed together and dropped into your examined and empty pocket, or alternatively into an opaque examined empty bag.

Any spectator reaches his hand inside the pocket or bag and takes out one card, which is then concealed between his hands.

With due concentration you are immediately able to announce the correct one of the five cards just as if you have read the spectator’s mind!

This truly is an amazing card revelation taught to Eddie by the late Roy Roth and it really is a stunner. Please note the following points:

*Five ordinary playing cards are used and you can remove them from the deck.
*No force of the card, the spectator really does have a free choice of any of the five.
*You immediately know the name of the card and can reveal it in any manner you like; mind reading, clairvoyance or as a straightforward revelation.
*No skill required just that of presentation.

Comes with five quality Bicycle Poker sized cards & instructions

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