Jumbo McCombe

Jumbo McCombe

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This is the original effect of Billy McCombe hilarious comedy effect using Jumbo size cards.

Fun, easy and amazing! The performer predicts a playing card and removes it from a quantity he shows and in plain view of the audience.

A spectator, seated behind the performer now selects a playing card from a different spread - hopefully matching the prediction card.

The audience can see that the cards the spectator must select from consist of several duplicates of the prediction card that has been left in full view.

The spectator is asked to say 'Stop' as the magician moves the cards one at a time from the top to the bottom of the packet. On the word 'Stop' that card is given to the spectator.

The audience is laughing as they can plainly see that all the cards being offered are exactly the same as the prediction card.

The spectator calls out the name of the card that he chose and the audience is surprised to hear that the selected card is NOT the same as the prediction!

The performer picks up the predicted card and lays it beside the chosen card. The two cards are turned over and they are EXACT duplicates of each other bringing the effect to an applause-pulling and laughter-filled climax!

An uproarious card routine as featured by Billy McCombe and a real crowd pleaser that is easy to do!

Comes complete with jumbo sized playing cards (5” x 3.5”) & instructions.

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