Blind Date - Giant size

Blind Date - Giant size

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Long off the magical market Eric William’s Blind Date is great situational comedy with terrific audience appeal!

The backs of three laminated pictures are shown of young ladies who are all looking for a blind date Mary, Lucy and Jane. Two male spectators take part and each chooses one of the pictures without seeing the girls’ faces, with the promise of an exciting & romantic night out - and what a shock they get when they DO see them!

Luckily, you receive the third lady left over and she’s a beautiful babe, and what’s more, she has brought a genuine high-value banknote to pay for you both!

The shockers are humorous and designed to bring roars of laughter from your audiences, while the stunner that you are left with is a beautiful young woman.

Both Blind Date models are also suitable to present in reverse so that you get a shocker and both of the participants receive beautiful women. We even include a hilarious presentation using the same pictures for children’s shows; featuring their selection of two new glamorous schoolteachers, while your secretary is the shocker.

Blind Date is very easy to do and takes up almost no room in your workbag or briefcase, yet acting as a big feature in your show. You can present it easily for loads of laughter and fun!

Comes in two sizes; Giant picture cards for stand-up (approx 7.7” x 11.5”) or Jumbo picture cards for close-up (approx 5.5” x 7.5”) routine & instructions. Use your own banknote.

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