Jumping Stud

Jumping Stud

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The perfect paddle trick where a metal stud on a rod jumps from the top to the bottom several times and then finally to the middle! No sliding or moving parts, shells, magnets or gimmicks.

You display the rod with a metal stud at its end and the rod is turned over to show a stud on both sides nearest to the spectator.

With a quick flick the stud jumps over to the other end of the rod on both sides. The rod is NOT turned end to end.

This effect of the studs jumping from one end to the other can be repeated several times.

Finally you cause the studs on both sides to magically jump to the middle of the rod!

A quality close-up prop, the Paddle (Rod) is laser cut from thick acrylic sheet with rounded corners with electroplated steel balls for the 'studs'.

Comes with Paddle (approx 5" long & just over a half an inch wide), leatherette carry pouch, suggested routine & illustrated instructions.

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