Silent Prediction

Silent Prediction

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Some twenty or so years ago I was asked to perform magic for a group of teenage boys and girls who were deaf. I wrote several word cue boards to accompany the various tricks that I intended to perform. These boards were greeted with a great deal of hilarity by the audience and I slowly realised that most of them could lip read and knew exactly what I was saying, so they were quite unnecessary!

Since that time I have presented one of the effects that I used, a super card prediction trick using laminated ‘prediction boards’, and discovered that it is always extremely well received by all types of audiences.
It’s the kind of novelty that you can present almost anywhere at anytime, close-up, walkabout, stand-up or at your stage shows and you can always be sure that it will go over strong. It is especially useful when working walkabout where there is usually a lot of background noise.

The effect: Two different members of your audience select two playing cards. Your laminated A4 size prediction cards successfully reveal both the chosen cards in a most amusing and entertaining manner – without your having to speak a single word!

Silent Prediction is an applause-pulling effect that always breaks the ice with even the most difficult of audiences. It is spot on for compere work and perfect for comedians and lecturers as well as being great for your magic or mindreading act.

Supplied complete with the six laminated A4 size prediction boards plus the full routine & detailed instructions. Use your own regular or jumbo size playing cards. Get this unspeakable act today!

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