Granddad's Card Trick

Granddad's Card Trick

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You tell the tale of when you were a small child and your Granddad showed you a trick with a deck of playing cards. Granddad also made small toys and made you a toy soldier of a king, explaining that when granddad wasn’t around in person the toy soldier would perform his trick instead.

You introduce the King toy; a military-looking figure wearing his crown, a smart red tunic and complete with white hair, standing to attention on a small base, approx 4.5 ” high.

Next you show a pack of playing cards which are shuffled & cut and then a spectator selects any one purely by chance. The selected card is now mixed into 19 or 20 other cards, which are cut a number of times and dealt in a face down circle upon a table.

Any spectator takes the King by the loop on his head, dangles him over each card and whenever they have the impulse they may drop him on any card they wish.

No matter where the soldier is placed, it is proved to be a card whose number will count to another card that will be shown to be the selected one!
•Use your own deck of cards.
•Instant reset to repeat the effect.
•The chosen card can be signed.
•No forcing or sleights are used.
•Novel card trick that is great fun for all.
•Use your own unfaked cards.

Comes complete with King wooden toy (approx 4.5” long) & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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