Nap Hand Mystery

Nap Hand Mystery

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Without question this is one of the strongest card effects that you can perform and made the reputations (and lots of money!) for people like Lionel King, David Nixon, Billy McComb, Pauline & Eddie, Vernon Foster & many more.

Using a deck of playing cards that you have used in previous tricks, two members of your audience play a game of Five Hands Whist and you, blindfolded if you wish, direct from a distance as to how the two players are to play their cards.

The result is that the player with the worst possible hand surprisingly beats the player with the much better hand to the audience’s complete amazement!

The performer appears to have psychic powers and can actually name each card that has been freely dealt by one of the participants and directly after the other participant has freely cut the deck.

In the original version the performer had to secretly add cards to the pack after it had been shuffled & cut, so requiring great palming and misdirection skills.

However in this splendid Pauline & Eddie update such dexterity is not required and yet the effect is just as strong as the previous version and I say with absolute truthfulness that it is really very easy to do.

Until Pauline sadly died it was presented as a two-person telepathy item to great acclaim, however it is equally suitable and just as strong as a sole performer presentation and has been used this way many times by Eddie in his one-man act.

Comes complete with the special deck of Bicycle poker sized cards, a regular deck (cards are not marked in any way) & instructions.

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