Safe Scam

Safe Scam

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Safe crackers are on the loose so Chief Inspector Beerbelly of Scotland Yard sets up a scam, inviting all suspects to a safe cracking party. Four small safe pictures are shown – one contains the money – the others a special surprise. Three spectators play the part of the villains and you the performer play the party of the Chief Inspector.

Four different coloured gambling chips and a Secret Code are brought into play. Each spectator takes a gambling chip leaving just one chip for you. They really can choose any chip – there is no force of any kind. The Secret Code indicates which colour chip belongs to each safe and each ‘villain’ in turn opens their safe – the three spectators are in for a big surprise!

You of course are always left with the money, which turns out to be genuine banknotes!

Safe Scam is a pocket trick with built in appeal – it’s cute, clever and entertaining. It is easy to do and yet so subtle that we know you will fool and mystify everyone with it.

Safe Scam is now ready for delivery to you – a great plot with props that make a grand display and all ready for you to perform. Use your own banknotes.

We predict that Eddie’s version of Len Belcher’s ‘Secret Code’ will be the hit pocket trick of the year,a COMMERCIAL effect that you should certainly not pass by – guaranteed to arrest and entertain any audience! Safe Scam is ideal for small audiences of 30 to 40 people or for regular close-up conditions.

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