Ultra Menta Bicycle cards

Ultra Menta Bicycle cards

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This just has to be one of the BEST card prediction effects ever!

Just imagine what a sensation this trick will create at your next performance. You show an envelope leaving it in full view and also a number of different playing cards – and we do mean they are different, the full face and backs of each card can be freely shown; there are no duplicates or double-faced cards amongst them.

Any member of the audience freely calls out any number and this card is slowly counted to – let us say that you end up with a Jack of Hearts. It will be a different card each time you perform this outstanding effect.

The card is freely shown both sides so that everyone is fully aware of which one has been selected. You open your prediction envelope and take out a single card.

Please note there is only one card inside the envelope and the envelope can immediately be passed for examination. There is positively no switch or exchange of the envelope.

Your prediction is shown for all to see – you have predicted the EXACT chosen card!

Perform Ultra Menta Bicycle Cards anywhere-anytime, no stooges or pre-show contact with the audience. For repeat performances the predicted card will be different. Easy to do.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle Poker cards & instructions.

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