Mark of Zero

Mark of Zero

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No, we are not talking about the popular film character Zorro, although I half suspect many of you will be tempted to mention his name in your patter. Our Mark of ZERO is a clever card effect that Zorro would probably have loved performing!

Using two decks of playing cards, one is given to an audience member for safekeeping, the other is freely shown, shuffled, cut and then any spectator deals a number of cards upon a table.

From these cards a single card is selected and isolated under a spectator’s hand, he does have the opportunity to change his mind to another card if he so wishes.

You then have the other deck, which has been closely guarded by a spectator, removed and spread out across the table where every full card can be seen, and where they also see that just one card has a large Z on it, made by a permanent marker pen.

The Z card is an exact match for the selected card from the other pack but there is more, once the Z mark has been examined it then mysteriously disappears!

Other large marks on the card can be used instead of the Z mark. I have used the British £ mark with the patter, “I have put my money on this card!” You may want to use a Dollar sign or the Euro sign, or perhaps a cross or tick; the choice is yours. Easy to do.

Comes with a certain something that can be utilised in a Bicycle deck & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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