Al Koran Deck

Al Koran Deck

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Featured for many years by Al Koran on television, cabaret & stage shows, remade & better than ever in quality Bicycle poker cards all ready for you to create miracles in mentalism.

Showing a well mixed deck of playing cards you hand them to a spectator to thoroughly shuffle and cut, then to secretly peek at any card in the deck, remember it and then shuffle and cut it back into the deck.

Asking the spectator to concentrate on their card you start to read their mind and correctly reveal the colour, suit and name of the card they are merely thinking of!

The deck is then passed on to a second person that also thoroughly shuffles the deck, peeks at a card and loses it in the deck, yet again you correctly read their mind and reveal this simply thought of card. Should you wish you could immediately repeat the trick with a different card and person yet again!

Al Koran Deck is the perfect mystery and when Eddie first saw Koran perform this on British television he hadn’t a clue to the working, it was then discussed at the next meeting of the Mercian Mystics society and no one had the true answer – save it must have been stooges planted in the audience, which it was NOT!

Eventually Koran released these through Harry Stanley’s Unique Magic in London at a very high price and in a limited number. Mr E Enterprises offers the exact special gimmicked deck that Al Koran used and which, when compared against today’s money, is a fraction of the original price.

Only limited numbers will be released so please act NOW!

Comes with a special deck of Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

Only £12.99

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