Belcher's Brain Buster

Belcher's Brain Buster

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Len Belcher was a popular headmaster in Staffordshire for most of his life and also a great magical ideas man with hundreds of practical effects published in Abracadabra over many years.

Eddie purchased all marketing rights to several of his most outstanding effects many of which have still to be released, Belcher’s Brain Buster was one of Len’s very best!

With such a versatile principle it is difficult to know what effect to market this idea with, so perhaps I will describe the effect that I am currently using (2002).

However, once you have the secret & special apparatus supplied you will soon be developing many outstanding & entertaining effects of your own. I give you several ideas to get you started.

Working close-up you place four small sealed envelopes on the table each of which has a different coloured paper spot on it. Three spectators each freely select a number & thus choose a card with a colour to match an envelope.

They then crumple their chosen envelope in their fists to show that they are empty (they really are and can be examined).

You pick up the final envelope and tear it open tipping out the contents which prove to be three GENUINE razor blades with extremely sharp edges!

Please remember this is only ONE of the many effects you will be able to perform – the last envelope could be filled with banknotes for an effective just chance routine.

You can also use this method for a birthday child to win a prize.

Ken de Courcy used it with his lovely assistant and three gentlemen from the audience. THEY each received a comical messages such as 'This is not your lucky day!' 'Find your own girlfriend!', 'Not in your state of health!'

YOU received a £100 voucher for dinner for two and the key to the glamorous assistant's hotel room!

Comes with instructions & the coloured number cards. Use your own ordinary envelopes, razor blades, banknotes etc. Not sold to juveniles.

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