Confusing Coins

Confusing Coins

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You show a silver coin and a copper coin in your palm asking your spectators to “watch closely” as you close your hand.

You now remove quite openly the silver coin asking, “What is left?” they naturally reply, “The copper coin.” You say, “You were not watching close enough!” and, opening your hand, you show the silver & the copper coin are still there.

Now you repeat it again and if you wish you can do so several times and each time they miss how the silver coin magically reappears in your palm.

Finally you say, “This copper coin must be confusing everyone” and so very openly you remove the copper coin asking, “What is left now?” They answer, “The silver coin!” But to everyone’s amazement your hand is empty and there is no sign of any coins at all!

For an alternative finish your can have a surprise item in your palm like a sweet for children, sponge ball, giant coin or any small article you like as you show there are are no coins left as you say that you had to buy (let’s say) a die for your next trick. Easy to do.

Comes with the necessary coins, a little corked jar containing a small amount of glitter as you explain you spent the coins on some ‘Woofle Dust’ for your next effect & instructions.

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