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You display two sets of six laminated plaques each printed like the numbers on a die from one through to six. One set has blue backs and the other set has red backs.

Taking two of the red-backed plaques you position these in full view as your predictions and then pass a spectator a die to examine and also throw a few times to prove that it is not loaded or special in any way, then the spectator throws the die twice more in order to choose two numbers entirely by chance.

The corresponding numbered blue-backed dice plaques are now placed against your prediction plaques in any order the spectator decides.

Both sets of two are turned over showing the spots on the spectator’s plaques exactly match your prediction!

If you wish, the effect can be successfully repeated with another spectator and another set of numbers. Carry it in your pocket all ready for you to perform, easy to do.

Comes complete with twelve laminated plaques (approx 2.25”, 6cm square), an unfaked die & instructions.

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