ESP Perfect Match

ESP Perfect Match

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Six ESP Zenner symbol cards are placed face up in a row across a table. You show six other cards with different coloured backs explaining that these are all duplicate Zenner signs as used in ESP testing experiments by the Duke University in the USA.

Taking one card face unseen you sense its duplicate in the line and drop this card upon it. The two cards are now checked and the symbols on them prove to be a perfect match.

You now mention that when you are doing mental effects you often read the spectator's mind, however this time the spectator, without realising it, will read your mind.

You rearrange the five standard ESP cards faces upwards on the table, asking a spectator to lay his cards face down upon your cards.

Miraculously, the spectator exactly matches all five cards!

Please note the participant is not a stooge and has a free choice of where his cards are placed, he can even change his mind several times should he so wish. No sleight of hand is involved just good presentation and it’s easy to do!

Comes complete with laminated ESP cards & instructions.

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