ESPespecially ESP

ESPespecially ESP

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Here is an ESP effect that we especially like - hence the name!

You place a small envelope (or your wallet) on a table together with five ESP cards; Circle, Cross, Square, Wavy Lines and Star explaining their use at Duke University in the USA for testing a volunteer’s ESP ability.

Part one: Mindreading: Any spectator simply thinks of one of the ESP cards, which you then conceal in your pocket. Slowly you remove the cards one by one until only one remains that you remove and isolate. The spectator reveals for the first time her merely thought of sign and the spectator themselves turn over the isolated card. It’s the very one that they have just named.

Part two: Prediction: Another spectator takes your prediction envelope and drops it on any ESP card upon the table, they can if they wish move it to another card; it really is a free choice. Once satisfied they open the envelope for themselves & find inside a single card, which proves to be an exact match for the one they have chosen!

•Only regular ESP cards are used no double-backs or double-faces.
•The envelope is completely unfaked and may be examined.
•A baffling climax made possible by a clever routine.
•Carry it in your pocket where it is all ready for you to perform.

Comes complete with ESP cards & instructions.

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