Color Monte

Color Monte

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You display three cards; one with a BLUE diamond and two with a RED diamond and say that this is a game of gambling, in which whoever finds the blue diamond wins a dollar, but if that person is wrong, he must forfeit a dollar.

Explaining that on a recent visit to the USA you were once taken in by this game losing three dollars, because every time you thought you picked the blue card, it was red. So you accused the gambler of not even having a blue card. He then showed the bottom card as blue, so you lost yet another dollar!

Then you said that if it was the card on the bottom, it couldn't be the one on top, but again, you lost another dollar! It was then shown as the centre card as well, and by then there were six dollars lost.

So you said that you thought he was using more than three cards, but were proven wrong and lost another dollar.

The gambler gave you another chance, double or nothing. He showed you that one card was red, another as blue, and all you had to do was name the colour of the third card. Red, right? NO - wrong again! It's not red nor is it anything anyone would expect bringing the trick to a terrific climax!

Colour Monte is one of the best-selling packet tricks of all time.

Comes with foil-stamped Bicycle-backed cards, plastic carrying wallet & instructions.

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