Rainbow Envelopes Prediction

Rainbow Envelopes Prediction

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A delightful mental-style effect with a clever laughter-filled finish!

You display three different coloured small envelopes Red, White & Blue and show that each contains a single folded prediction paper inside.

A lady freely chooses one of the envelopes, let’s say she chooses the white one, her prediction is openly removed and she reads it out loud for all to hear it says, ‘You will choose the WHITE envelope!’ Which of course is correct.

A gentleman now takes a turn and let’s say he freely chooses the BLUE envelope, his prediction reads, ‘You will choose the BLUE envelope!’ and you claim a second successful prediction.

You are left with the RED envelope and when a spectator reads out your prediction it says, ‘The lady will choose the WHITE envelope, the gentleman will choose the BLUE envelope – and thank you both for leaving me with the RED envelope!’

This easy to do prediction has a different result every time and uses no forces. Highly recommended for beginners, experienced mentalists & all other magical entertainers.

Comes with three small coloured envelopes (70 mm x 110 mm), prediction papers & instructions.

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