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You display six different laminated Zenner cards consisting of Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square, Star and Triangle. The cards are freely mixed together by a spectator and then each is clearly displayed so that a spectator merely thinks of any one of them (no force).

Using your “special powers” or utilising psychological inspirations you are able to correctly reveal their mentally chosen symbol with no questions, to everyone’s complete astonishment!

Nothing else is used save the six laminated symbol cards that are not marked or gimmicked in any way and so can be thoroughly examined both before and after the trick.

Furthermore, the secret is most subtle and the effect is practically self-working; it will even fool other magicians & mystery performers. No sleights or forces, no extra cards and it is even easy to do.

ZenSational is an effective close-up mystery that is perfect for table-hopping and similar events as no set-up of any kind is required; simply take the cards from your pocket or briefcase, allow them to be shuffled or mixed face down and you are all ready to perform this fascinating mystery. Also ideal for cabaret, stage or television shows.

Comes complete with six A6 sized laminated Zenner cards & instructions.

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