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Truly bewildering effects are possible using this outfit of just four numbered cards plus a little-known secret method developed by Bob Hummer.

If you wish to perform miracles both close-up, in cabaret and on stage need look no further than Magic-4-U.

Once you know this easy to do sequence with just four numbered laminate cards that we supply, you will be able to:

*Perform incredible ‘Just Chance’ type routines in which you always win the money or get the girl with ease!

*Present danger effects such as the ‘Spiked’ or a broken-bottle-in-a-bag effect – without any kind of risk whatsoever!

*Enjoy an incredible open prediction in which the result is in full view all the time – despite the cards being mixed and selected in the audiences own hands and even with your back turned!

*Perform the most easy-to-do book test of all time!

This is mental magic as you have always wanted to present it – don’t miss out, it truly is a stunner that you will perform often.

Better order it today while this is still fresh in your mind!

Comes with laminated cards (approx. 5.75" x 3.75") & instructions.

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