Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

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“ One of the best tricks I have ever purchased I am preforming it regularly and it really lives up to its name” Christopher Oliver.

Showing two decks of Bicycle playing cards each sealed inside their boxes with rubber bands. One pack has RED backs and the other has BLUE backs. Both decks are given to spectators for safekeeping.

Another audience member is requested to name ANY playing card in a pack of 52, alternatively, four audience members can build up an imaginary playing card; one naming the colour, the next spectator the suit, a third decides if it is to be a picture or pip card and the fourth person finally chooses the value.

Anyone can now remove the deck from its box and count the cards out loud, faces upwards as they seek the card so freely chosen but they find only 51 cards and the named card is not amongst them.

The other sealed pack with its contrasting coloured back is opened and the freely chosen card is found among the others of this deck and amazingly the colour of its back exactly matches the first pack!

*At no time do you touch the deck.
*There is no force used.
*Only two ordinary packs of cards are used – no extras.
*No stooges or pre-show work is required.
*Totally baffling beyond words.
*No rough and smooth or wax etc.
*Can also be presented as a passé passé effect of a freely chosen card.

Comes complete with two regular poker sized quality Bicycle decks & instructions.

"This really i a stunner - well done Eddie!" Bert Taylor Scotland.

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