Magic Jumping Eyeball

Magic Jumping Eyeball

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Yes you read that right! This is the ideal trick for close up, walkabout and table-hopping.

You show the solid eyeball and an empty transparent box both of which can be examined.

Explain to your spectators that the eyeball is carried around in the box and you will attempt to make it jump into the closed box.

You secure the box with the rubber band, place the eyeball on top of the box then drape a handkerchief on top of everything.

You now try to push the eyeball into the box but it is clear to your audience that you can’t do it no matter how hard you try.

Finally you the blow some air onto the palm of your hand, lay your hand flat and push down and the eyeball shape flattens under the handkerchief which is whipped off to
show the eyeball is now inside the sealed box!

Comes with Eyeball, clear box (approx 1.5", 4cm square), rubber band and unfaked cloth cover.

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