Multiplying Bananas

Multiplying Bananas

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Time to go bananas! We supply two sponge Bananas that you can use as Multiplying Bananas and in other routines.

Start by taking a banana from your grocery bag, then magically produce one banana, then another, then another, dropping them all into the bag or if you prefer a hat or a box!

At the end, you can make the bananas vanish!

You can also use these bananas as props to produce in unexpected ways; for example, reach into a spectator's jacket and pull out a banana or two!

This is a quality set of bananas, made of nicely coloured dense foam.

Please note this set DOES NOT include the small bananas which can be found in a set elsewhere on our website and called 'Multiplying Sponge Bananas PLUS!' Containing two large and four small bananas.

Comes complete with the TWO sponge Bananas (approx 7", 17.75cm long) & instructions.

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