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A fantastic COMEDY mentalism effect for your new show!
You show an A4 laminated card with a large question mark on it – below this is a second card that you claim to be your prediction and nearby you place a large shopping bag (not supplied). A lady who enjoys shopping is taken on a magic shopping trip!

She needs a shopping card and since this is a magical experience she chooses a playing card from an ordinary well-shuffled pack – keeping its value hidden from everyone.

She is now asked to imagine that she is in her favourite shop – and is selecting any item that she has set her heart on. She pays for it using her magic shopping card – all in her imagination of course. You ask her what article she IMAGINED buying – let’s say she replies, “A mink stole!”

“Would you believe that I actually have a mink stole inside this shopping bag?” You ask. No matter what her response you dive your hands into the bag and say, “Here it is, in your perfect colour madam – a mink stole!” So saying you lift both your hands out of the bag holding – NOTHING. “Of course,” you explain, “the mink stole is imaginary as well!” Admitting this was a cruel joke – you ask her the name of her favourite shop – let us say she answers “Versace in Rome, Italy” You pick up the cards containing your prediction – as you say “and here I have your favourite shop” turning around the prediction cards you show a picture of a store with the words ‘Your Favourite Shop’ in bold letters. Another cruel joke, you explain.

“What price did you pay for your mink stole? – 550 Euros – I have that very price ticket here” – so saying you separate the cards to show a large A4 size bar-code!
“But now 550 Euros must be charged to your card – what card do you have please!” The lady replies: “the Eight of Hearts!” - At this you separate the two prediction cards to show a giant replica of her card – the Eight of Hearts has mysteriously appeared as you say – “Thank you for your custom madam – the 550 Euros have been charged to your card!”

After all this we suggest you reach into the shopping bag and give the lady a small gift for being a good sport!

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