Ex-Septional Prediction

Ex-Septional Prediction

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One of the easiest and thoroughly baffling ESP predictions ever!

You show a flapless envelope (4.5 inches square) with a single prediction card peeping out of its top and place it in full view of the audience.

A further six cards each with a different ESP symbol such as a Circle, Star Square and so forth are freely shown and each is slipped into six other flapless envelopes leaving one end peeping out from the top and then the envelopes are shuffled then laid out in a row.

Any spectator has a free choice of any of the six envelopes and the ESP design inside is freely shown, let us say they have chosen the STAR.

Without any exchange of the prediction envelope the ESP card inside is removed and shown it is an exact match for the freely chosen symbol in this example the STAR!

*Only six design cards and one prediction card are used.
*Can be performed with a different prediction result.
*ESP cards are laminated for long life.
*Very easy to do only needs presenting.
*No sleight of hand is necessary.

Comes complete with laminated ESP cards, prediction card, envelopes (approx 4.5” square), routine & instructions.

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