Comedy Perverse Spots

Comedy Perverse Spots

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George Blake named this sort of magic as “Perverse Comedy” and when you present this in your show both you and your audiences will absolutely love it!

Place a laminated A6 size jumbo card with a large colourful question mark in full view as your prediction and then lay out a row of six other laminated jumbo cards all faces down.

Any spectator gives you a number from one to six and note this is their own free choice that you don’t influence in any way. The card thus indicated is given for the spectator to hold.

Another spectator reads out your question mark prediction card, which reads ‘You will NOT choose a RED spot’. The chosen card is turned face up to show it has a large BLUE spot on its face. Your prediction is correct and you stretch out your arms for your applause – only to be greeted with laughter as everyone thinks it is just a gag!

However, feigning disappointment at your audience’s reaction you turn the other five cards over to show each and every one of them has a large RED SPOT on its face - tarah!

Everything can be left for examination as no fake cards or gimmicks are used making this ideal for close-up, walkabout & stand-up performances. Easy to do.

Comes complete with the seven laminated A6 size jumbo cards, Eddie’s routine & instructions including an alternative presentation for repeat performances.

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