Hypnotic Influence!

Hypnotic Influence!

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Showing a single A5 laminated card you put it into an envelope that has a cut-out window on its address side so that the back of the card can be seen at all times. The audience can see that the envelope is otherwise empty.

You explain how difficult it is for the police to get the correct evidence at the scene of a crime or an accident – and offer to show the strange way that different people’s minds work under pressure.

Going to one person to your right you allow them to peep at the card and to remember its picture – several other audience members around this spectator also see the picture. A second spectator on the left side of the room is also allowed to peep at the picture on the card and remember it and again others on that side of the room also see it.

You now hold the card next to your chest, back outwards and request both parties on both sides of the room to call out loud the picture and colour they saw on the card. The people on the right call out “A BLUE car!” – while at the same time the people on the left call out “A RED car!” this always causes lots of merriment as they realise that they have all seen different pictures but the final surprise is yet to come.

You explain that witnesses in court often have the same problem with colours, shapes, models and numbers and in fact the card you showed the participants was actually “A GREEN TRACTOR!” So saying, you turn over the card that you have been holding in full view and it is truly a picture of a tractor bringing your effect to a startling and applause-pulling climax!

The picture card can be immediately passed for examination without a clue to the mystery. The effect can also be presented as a demonstration of hypnotism using two subjects whose memories you appear to influence.

You can also perform it with jumbo playing cards (supplied) and for good measure we also supply an extra alternate card depicting an ambulance so that you can adapt it to a safety feature ending.

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