The Open Prediction

The Open Prediction

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Based on Paul Curry’s dream effect, this is possibly the easiest and most baffling method of all!

Using a full pack of playing cards you show the faces to be all different, shuffle them and then write or name out loud a prediction card; let’s say this is the Four of Hearts.

A spectator now deals the cards one by one face upwards, and everyone is told to keep their eye out for the Four of Hearts calling stop when it appears. The dealing participant is also told that when dealing the cards face up, he is to stop dealing at any card he wishes, then to deal one more card face down without anyone seeing its face & then continue to deal the rest of the deck face upwards.

No one calls stop because the named card is never spotted, even though every other card in the deck has been dealt face up – could this mean the one card dealt face down is the named card?

The answer is a resounding yes for when the pack is turned face down and spread across the table only one card is seen to be face up and at the very point where one card was dealt face down - incredibly it is the very card that you originally predicted!

*The named card can be different at each performance.
*The face of each and every card in the deck is clearly seen.
*No sleight of hand is involved. Easy to do.

Comes complete with a specially gimmicked quality Bicycle pack, routine & instructions.

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