Zip-Zap Deck

Zip-Zap Deck

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Place a prediction in full view, show your deck of Bicycle cards front and back and have one of them selected; let’s say it is the Seven of Spades.

Divide the pack into halves, turn one half face up and the other half face down and then riffle shuffle the two halves together, showing the mixed up deck of faces and backs.

Anyone reads out loud your prediction and it is 100% correct as in our example the Seven of Spades.

You now claim that you will cause the chosen card to be the only one face up just by passing your hand over the pack, however you suddenly realise that you have forgotten to return this selected card back into the deck.

Never mind, you still make your magic pass and then spread the pack across the table showing that each and every Spade card is now face up while the rest of the cards are face down – a totally unexpected applause-pulling climax!

*No rough & smooth or sticky stuff
*Very easy to do; the Bicycle deck does all the work
*Ideal for close-up, television or parlour magic
*Card suit & value can be varied with each performance.

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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