Folders of Fortune

Folders of Fortune

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The easiest and most effective Just Chance effect ever!

You display three folders each with a bold number front and back 1, 2 and 3, stating that one of them holds a valuable £20 banknote.

You further explain that two of the folders will be for audience members and you will keep the other one for yourself.

Any spectator names any number (no force) and that folder is isolated and kept in full view, two spectators receive the contents of the other folders and when these are opened they each contain a consolation prize.

Your folder which has remained in full view is opened to show that it contains a £20 note or even several banknotes if you wish!
Please note the following points:

*The effect is highly visual and so the spectators involved do not need to leave their seats.
*The banknote is NOT secretly loaded into or behind the designated folder but is inside the folder right from the start.
*A number is freely chosen - positively no force.
*No flaps, secret pockets, sticky stuff, sleight of hand, extra folders or anything similar is used; the trick is completely self-contained.
*Very easy to do – with a couple of run-throughs you could perform it the same day as it is received.
*Ideal for any type of act; mystery, comedy or both!
*Suitable for stage, club, TV, close-up, cabaret, anytime – anywhere!

Comes with the matt laminated numbered folders & instructions. Use your own banknote and consolation prizes.

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