Gentle Persuasion

Gentle Persuasion

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Explaining that there is a technique in selling called ‘gentle persuasion’ in which the seller gives many options to the buyer all psychologically aimed to bring about the results that the seller wished all along, you offer to demonstrate with a shuffled deck of regular playing cards.

You place a wallet on a table in full view and start to deal cards from the shuffled pack faces down on a spectator’s palm, allowing the spectator to stop you at any point. Once they do so, the gentle persuader (that’s you) asks if they would like more cards dealt or some returned to the rest of the deck, the spectator has a free choice.

The dealt cards are now dealt into a number of hands and the spectator decides if they are dealt into two, three or four hands and once again they can have an alternative choice as you gently persuade them to change their mind or not. Let’s say the spectator’s final choice is four hands.

The spectator now chooses the hand he wishes for himself and again is offered the chance to change to another hand by your gentle persuading patter.

Finally, the chosen hand is placed face down under the spectator’s palm, and yet again the spectator can change his mind; nothing could be fairer. All the discarded cards are turned face upwards to show that many choices were available to the spectator, leaving the chosen card face down under his palm.

Your wallet is opened and holds a single card which is removed showing the wallet is otherwise empty, let’s say this card is the Six of Clubs (can be different every time). The spectator himself turns over the gently persuaded selected card and it is also the Six of Clubs!

Easy to do, can be performed with any deck of cards even a borrowed one.

Comes with a special wallet (approx 6.5" x 4", 17 x 10cm when closed) prediction cards & instructions.

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