Key Bender Gimmick

Key Bender Gimmick

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An Eddie Burke original! Bending metal apparently with the power of the mind makes for an extremely intriguing demonstration, not to mention one of the world's greatest publicity grabbing effects. Uri Geller and many others have made themselves headliners worldwide with just this one effect as few other magic tricks can.

Like all the best effects the method while simple is also foolproof, requiring a modest handling time allowing you to spend a little more time on its presentation in order to sell this as ‘psychic ability’ and not just another conjuring trick!

The Key Bender Gimmick that we supply is made of steel and is a simple ‘tool’ that will enable you to bend most standard Yale type keys and you can then show your hands are empty with your sleeves rolled up.

Once you have bent their key why not thread it onto a cord or even a small chain to hang around the spectators neck or a rubber band that they can place it around their wrist to show their friends the amazing miracle they have just witnessed. Great publicity!

Very easy to use and sold at an incredibly low price.

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