Quad Forecast

Quad Forecast

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You show a frame with a clear transparent sheet with four miniature bulldog clips attached to it numbered from one to four.

You write a prediction and attach it to clip number one. A spectator calls out the name of any city in the world. A second prediction is written and attached to clip number two. Now another spectator names a relative who you couldn't possibly know.

This is repeated with two other predictions being placed into the clips in advance of the spectators calling out their selections. These selections could be whatever you fancy, words, numbers, names or anything you decide providing the selection can be expressed in a word, letter or number written on the paper.

Finally you allow anyone to check and call out loud your four predictions and you are proven to be 100% correct in all four cases!

Comes with the wooden stand and clear sheet of Perspex with four pegs to hook the four mini bulldog clips onto & instructions. Use your own pieces of paper & a felt tip pen for the predictions.

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