Queen Bee

Queen Bee

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Turn it around tricks have long been popular with children & adults who can’t resist the temptation to call out, “You turned it around!” when they suspect that they have caught you out. We have several best-selling versions on our website & predict this will soon become a favourite in your shows.

You show a jumbo A5 sized plaque with a large colourful letter ‘A’ printed on it claiming it is the first letter of your magical alphabet and asking what letter comes next, “B” they all shout and so you offer to magically change the letter A to the letter B by passing it behind your back and sure enough it now becomes the letter ‘B’.

Offering to repeat the magic you again hide the card behind your back and when shown again it has become the letter A once more and you can repeat this as many times as you wish.

But your audience are getting suspicious and they insist you are just turning the plaque around, and demand to see the letter B on its back.

Now follows all the usual turn it around gags (explained in the routine if you don’t know these), slowly leading your audience up the garden path until they insist you show them what is on the back of the card.

You then admit that there is a B on the opposite side and turn the plaque around for everyone to see that it is a Queen Bee wearing her crown and waving to the audience to thank them for their applause!

Ideal for any occasion and you can lead the audience in singing the Queen Bee’s song “Happy buzzday” or “Hippy happy buzzy day” as the case may be.

Perfect for your new show and packs flat in the bottom of your briefcase all ready to bring laughter and amazement to your audiences

Comes with the colourful A5 (approx 7.5 x 5.5”, 19.5 x 14.5cm) laminated plaque, routine & instructions.

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