Wild & Spooky

Wild & Spooky

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Based on the ever-popular Wild Card effect but with fascinating phantoms. Several picture cards are shown of a ghost with a stick in his hand, these are dealt in pairs upon a table. One set is dealt faces upwards and the other pair is dealt faces downwards in two rows.

You now introduce a spooky Wild Ghost who is different to all the others, explaining that he is looking for a wife among the other apparitions. Magically he finds a partner by turning one of the other ghosts into a match for himself, the only problem is they are both of the same sex!

So, both scary spirits now go looking for matching friends instead and to everyone’s jaws-to-the-floor amazement each and every picture card turns into an exact match of the Wild Ghost! Spooks have gone wild indeed!

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (approx 4 x 2.5”, 10 x 6.25cm) & instructions.

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