Astrological Mysteries

Astrological Mysteries

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Twenty-four Zodiac cards for you to perform several amazing and unusual effects all of which are easy to do!

Imagine the following:

Zodiac Clock: A spectator using their secret birth month chooses a Zodiac sign from your Zodiac clock, and you are able to successfully read their mind, reveal the chosen Zodiac sign and what is more you have predicted it in advance.

Astrological Match: Using their ‘natural psychic abilities’ a spectator correctly identifies each and every Zodiac sign that you have laid face down.

Astrological Coincidence: You control two spectators’ minds to each select the very Zodiac cards you wish them to have.

Zodiac Readings: You can also give truly amazing Zodiac interpretations together with that something extra - putting you miles ahead of your competitors! Plus, much, much MORE!

No matter if you are into giving readings or simply want the cards to entertain you will find that Astrological Mysteries is the complete answer to your dreams.

Comes complete with twenty-four laminated Zodiac cards (approx 4 x 2.75”, 10 x 7.25cm) & instructions.

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