Banana McCombical

Banana McCombical

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Banana McCombical is a laughter-filled PROFESSIONAL comedy routine that you really will love performing. Perfect for both your children and adults’ shows.

Claiming to be attuned to an audience volunteer, you show the rest of the audience a prediction, unknown to your participant this is a banana which is dropped into a gift bag and left in full view.

You now explain to the spectator that he will make a random choice from a stack of several pictures of different fruit & vegetables which you hold up for the audience to see but not the volunteer. As you display the pictures you miscall them, saying one is an apple, another is a tomato and so on. He is unaware that these are all pictures of a banana just shown as your prediction. The audience laugh as it realises that you are about to con your hapless volunteer.

You ask the gentleman to pick one, the gentleman chooses a picture and following some further fun when he eventually shows it to the audience, they realise that something has gone wrong and you, the magician, have made a mistake.

Your prediction however proves to be absolutely correct and the whole audience realise that they have been led up the garden path. The banana has vanished without a trace leaving a real lemon that matches the chosen picture!

A great magical laughter finish for all concerned and a really funny comedy routine that is also very easy to do.

Comes with laminated picture cards (5.5” x 3.5”), gift bag, fake banana & instructions.

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