Fortune Teller's Dream

Fortune Teller's Dream

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With the aid of these four colourful laminated pictorial plaques you can divine any question concerning a participant’s future that he mentally asks! Ideal for those occasions when you are asked, “Can you tell fortunes?”

Four laminated plaques are shown each of which has four different pictures and words such as Health, Love, Money etc upon them representing hundreds of possible questions concerning the spectator's future, with a total of sixteen question categories in all.

A spectator is invited to merely concentrate on any one of the sixteen symbols that represents the category of a question they would like the answer to and please note that there is no force, they really can think of any one.

Incredibly you are able to reveal the details of the very question that they are simply thinking of!

Alternatively, up to four participants can each choose a different question and you can immediately reveal all four without hesitation or difficulty!

The beauty of this effect is that although it is very easy to do requiring no skill it will absolutely stun your audience! You will be able to perform it minutes after reading the instructions.

Supplied complete with four laminated plaques, with bold designs that can be clearly seen, and clear instructions.

Fortune Tellers’ Dream is perfect for giving astounding psychic readings. Always ready to perform; simply take it out of your bag and away you go reading minds!

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