Spooky Dancing Witch

Spooky Dancing Witch

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Many magicians will have fond memories of the cut-out cardboard skeleton that magically danced to music! This is a refined version of that treasured friend but in a size suitable for stage & children’s parties.

Our spooky witch is made of a white silky material with large black eyes and dancing legs, wearing a witch’s hat trimmed with green ribbon - your audience will love her on first sight.

Place her on the floor or a table top and start your music when she will come to life and perform all sorts of mystifying antics, sitting up, standing up, jumping and dancing around to everyone’s obvious wonder and delight!

Pass her for examination and she is just a spooky-looking cloth doll, take her back and she starts to perform all over again.

Sit down in a chair and place her between your legs and away she goes dancing with the children wide-eyed around you.

Spooky Dancing Witch can be performed by you as a single operator or by a lovely assistant to equal effect. An unusual novelty magical prop that will give endless amusement to audiences young and old.

Comes with the Witch (approx 16”, 40.5cm long), secret gimmick & instructions.

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